Bitcoin is the first, the most well-known and biggest by capitalization cryptocurrency. Digital gold. Exchange USD, EUR, JPY to BTC with lowest rates at Rokes.



Ethereum, the currency of the Ethereum network, a distributed world computer powering the blockchain system for the new token-based economy. Exchange USD, EUR, JPY to ETH with lowest rates at Rokes.



Comcoin is the currency of the Commons – a blockchain platform for decentralized governance, community management and creation of local economies. Evaluating social capital and allowing transparent socioeconomic activity built on trust and good vibes for modern society.



Agrevocoin allows to make investment and buy products of Agrevo Bio – a biotechnology company based in Japan, which is revolutionizing the agriculture with Freeze Thaw Awakening Technology that can potentially solve the food crisis. Agrevo achieved the ability to grow organic foods resistant to diseases and harsh environments.



Hermescoin – currency for the new worldwide education platform. Education should be available to anyone and everywhere. Hermes aims to create an ecosystem for water supply philosophy of education also allowing users to earn from completing courses and applying their skills.

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